"When you're put in that position, you'll probably do all you can."

This applies to so many situations. When time's running out, usually - for assignments, or bigger things that can be a matter of life or death. The idea is that when time gets a bit tight, you realise you need to do something fast.

There's no particular reason why I thought that just then (the quotation at the top), but there's ways to avoid it! You could start early and all that, yet from what I've seen from people around me, that's not the case... when our homeroom had a small discussion about troubles at school last year, turns out a lot of people had trouble starting assignments. That isn't my case, however I just want to finish it quickly, to a satisfactory standard (to me), because I have better things to do. 

Keep going... even when you're lost. Follow what's right - in your heart, or your sense of direction, however you want to say it.
- teriyakkii_1203

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