There's always something out there just for you, it's behind those obstacles...

I've said this a bit before, but do things come that easily? I'm trying to say this like nothing will move for you unless there's something done to cause it - don't do anything, and you aren't really moving anywhere you want to go. Are there shortcuts? Hardly! I'm sure anyone understands this, so many people strive each day to get closer to a goal. No matter how big or small it is, achievements have huge value, and when you look back to see the journey, it almost always worth it. Of course, you need to start with something that you think (or even better - believe) that is worth achieving. Otherwise, what's ever worth it? Just start... that's kind of what I was put into when I started this blog :)) I don't feel much, or any regret!

I'm watching a Chinese drama - 'Meteor Garden' I think. I wouldn't call it 'cute', although it is at bits, it might be called 'cool' but that doesn't sound right either. The dramas I've so far watched are this way :I.

998 views :) I just put up a followers' button to the right, I haven't added it 'till now... oops ^^; I thought it was there.
- teriyakkii_1203

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