"Drink a warm cup of tea
Look up at the galaxy
You'll be okay, oh this is the Magic Shop." - Magic Shop, BTS

I don't think I've typed much about BTS recently, probably because I haven't listened to their new album that came out last week until today - and it's gorgeous ^o^. Their lyrics never fail to impress, there seems to have so much meaning, too. So light and fluffy ~ that sort of meaning.

Today... I presented twice... I think it went pretty well though ! I quite clearly know I have much to learn when it comes to oral presentations, so doubting came up a bit. But it was so close to the presentation (about less than 5 minutes before) ! Too close! So, it reminded me of a statement that I have heard quite a few times - something about 'getting right into there', or simply starting something right way, not wasting time because you never know what will happen. Like they say:

"There's only one way to find out."

I was trying to find out who said that, but it looks like it was from a TV series called 'Harry's Hill' :) Seems pretty cool.

But when I was searching that, I found another quote that sounded pretty nice:

"There's only one thing standing in your way... so step aside." - Unknown

I liked that. Yes, we have the best technology ever as of now, yet as it grows, do people really go? Most of them anyway(?). People have become successful by simply using what they have, being resourceful - when they've made it in the past, we're using them today! 

Just goooo, long post, too. Oh and this blog is starting to show ads ^^ Kind of nervous for this post because of that...
- teriyakkii_1203

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