"There's no heavier burden than a great potential" - Charlie Brown

Ohhhhh yes that makes sense. It may be heavy, but once you push yourself, it feels really, really good! Not only that, a 'heavy burden' would not be as delightful to have than before. I'm sure you've felt proud of pushing yourself at least once, no matter how small the push. Those are the wise words of Charlie Brown ;D I love wise and light-hearted things, so powerful for me.

Sometimes I (or you) may come across a quote that doesn't seem to move or make an impression on you. I know that's okay, because it can depend on your mood. For instance, last year (and the year before) I had downloaded a bunch of images of quotes I found online to remind me. I remember them hitting me hard. And just recently, I had gone deleting a few of them...because I feel that it's gone into my mind and it isn't a surfacing thing I need by my side. All the quotes I need now are those light-hearted, catchy ones, or simply something that pops into my mind during the day. Some of them include the ones in my recent posts, and probably to my very first post on this blog - 27/3/18.

You know, when I took that self-defense try-out class with my mom, we got to kick boards in half. The teacher said to aim to kick through it, or in a real-life example, when kicking in the stomach, kick to their spine (ow!). So, there's your potential, aim beyond that, no one's getting anywhere if they don't work hard.

We're all living now, we got nothing to lose trying hard. One thing I know is that there's nothing more beneficial to do so. Onwards and upwards (that's been repeating at random times in the past few days ^^;;;).
- teriyakkii_1203

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