Let things happen and act when it's *necessary*

'Necessary', meaning necessary to you. What, and when would anyone deem anything necessary to take action on? It always depends, but really, what is that thing that always makes something important?

Well. I know there are things which I put on top of others :D Not that anything else is any less important-- there's just different kinds of important. But the important I said in the last paragraph was meant to prove a point.

Today~ another good day! My dreams a becoming very weird, but still nice ^^ I should have written it down, I cannot remember it at all.

Oh. My communication skills have been good, but weird thing is, I said "We're going to the lunch in a bit." Instead of library. I got a feeling like I've done something similar before, it's interesting, ahaha.....

I will look for more ways to prepare for stuff. One thing being a trip coming up for band !! Also also the 'Hal Leonard Concert Band' channel on YouTube is really good~ our band bought some songs from there and they are so good!!! Have a nice dayyyy! Also those round milk flavoured cookies are really good................
- teriyakkii_1203

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