"Remember me Though I have to say goodbye Remember me Don't let it make you cry For even if I'm far away I hold you in my heart..." - Remember Me, Coco

Ah I can't resist tearing up... it's just that... the story behind Coco is worth while... this song sums it all up...

Today was a pretty good day, like lots of other days. "Here we go again." or "Another day.", is what my dad or I say in the morning. A good day, and weird dream OoO. I dreamt of my grandma, aluminium foil, and especially a magic wand that seemed to be mine. Funny thing is that I was going through Pottermore again since I think it had reset. I was in Gryffindor... but now I'm in Hufflepuff. My wand is now a 12 3/4 inch, vinewood, phoenix feather wand, with solid flexibility :) My patronus... used to be a weasel, now a nebelung cat. My Ilvermourny house is Pukwudgie - represents the heart and favours healers.
- teriyakkii_1203

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