Life is short, but long enough for people to achieve their dreams... it only depends on what the person thinks and does!! As long as people apply things that they learn.

Right?? I guess this is in most cases.

Right now... it's really cold. The maximum is only around 10 and the minimum goes as low as 1 and usually lower in the early morning, brr! Staying warm, but I was at our cousin's house and they had a blackout ^^; it should be back up by now so all good :) The electrical box blew up. I remember how as a kid (usually at school) we'd always freak out about the lights going out -so exciting hehe.

Memorising lines for English.

"Hazel gets the pyjamas." - Hazel (my sister) << as of 10 seconds ago because I asked her what to write. New pyjamas~fleece is so nice~fluffy~, it says "It's time to wear fleece" and has a llama next to it!

As long as know I learn I am home.
- teriyakkii_1203

P.S. I told my friends I had a blog... I wonder if you see this :)

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