I love it all very much... as clueless as others know how much I believe they're precious (literally anyone who I've interacted with (in any way!!)) to everything, I'm glad I have been surrounded by all these people...

"AHHHH It's Winter!!!!!!!" I said in homegroup, seemed it was loud enough for everyone to hear me. Haha.

I feel I got a tiny bit sentimental today, I love this feeling - one of the many feelings I love.

When I was little, I would wonder: "how am I here, why and I here, WHY DOES LIFE FEEL LIKE THIS?!!", anything that related to how I came up to be --to have this narrow field of vision, and yet experience so, so, so much in so many ways??! Well.

Now, I'm enjoying what life has to give me, I'm not really sure where I'm going, or why I even want to wonder how life- and my life got here and how the very beginning of my awesome (and, everyone else's) time came true. Not the kind of thing my person exactly wants to do, as interesting as everything already is.

Right... I need to acknowledge things, and enjoy if I'm going to see more things in a good way. Mmm tasty life~ enjoy it yourselves if you like!
- teriyakkii_1203

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