It's all gonna be good, do well!

Wow... we just tripled that souffle batter and ended up with 7 souffles - one of them overloaded but that's all good haha; So like I said, my three cousins are currently here. It's cold so hopefully everyone has enough blankets --- it IS winter after all.

Today in HaSS, our teacher was calling up random people (eventually not everyone), I was one of them, I tried to figure out why by looking  at the people... But I couldn't exactly figure out what kind of people he was looking for - I don't think I was behind or anything??? umm I really cannot think of a reason... but anyway nothing to think about hard :I The teacher got me to recall some stuff we had only looked at once yesterday T_T and write a short story about it - in children's language. Thing is, it was on Gallipoli :I, I had to add the words like 'bloody' about once. Managed to finish, but I think I wrote down a good amount.

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