Not a quote or some inspirational text, but I did say that I will put up the biggest thing I say (or think,, really.) of the day soooo


Because I just made souffle with my dad ^^


Made it pretty late, will be making more tomorrow... because my cousins are sleeping over - 3 of them. Hopefully that turns out well ^^;;;;;; they can be- they are- they are noisy. I'm sure it'll be okay, not that they are bad but... I'm saying too much.

Other than that... I had a lucid dream last night, I have had multiple before, but this time it's weird - I knew I can make things appear, or make me fly, so I tried to make a magic mirror appear. Turned out being a ping pong paddle - a navy blueish one that had an upside-down triangle shape. Instead of clear images, words (that were confusing), they were scratched onto the surface TT.

- teriyakkii_1203

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