After you did your best, it's "you did what you can."

Maths test today... on indice laws and scientific notation. The last few questions got me a bit... But I did try my hardest, thing is, I tried many methods to find n, they all were completely different. I'm quite certain that other people had trouble doing it, too - I think the teacher will go through it with us, which is good :)

I tried out the illustrator app that my friend told me about, which is 'Medibang'. It's free~ and pretty nice! I don't think I'll need a Wacom tablet or anything since this laptop that I'm writing on now is touchscreen :D handy, and I enjoy drawing.

Oh :I looks like the Medibang file can't upload to Blogger, I'll have to change the format of the file soon...

I uploaded a whole bunch of the blogs (in a way...) on YouTube, or maybe it was the day before... but anyway I'm only trying to find ways to expand my mind right now. 

Sleep good!
- teriyakkii_1203

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