"Once you try something out of your comfort zone, you know your potential."

Well, roughly.

My body is a bit sore right now, because we did cross-country practice by jogging about 3.6km (I believe). I managed to not stop (except very near the end, I needed to brisk walk.. then pick it up again), but the cooling down part wasn't properly done... or even done at all.. oops. I'll be fine though ^^.

A lot of the time, when it seems like something cannot be done, something which you've already started, that is-- you should keep going, and the majority of the time will show results. I could use the jogging example, where I said "It'll feel tiring at the beginning, but just go a little further and it'll feel normal" - it does! But maybe another example...

I found this example in the Think and Grow Rich - the Napoleon Hill book. I cannot remember exact details, but the point is something else. Firstly, I'll say this came after the chapter which covered the power of Desire, and was an example to go with something they said in the Faith chapter:

There was a man who wanted to dig for gold. He had such a huge desire for it, that he decided to part from his family, saying that he'll come back with a fortune! So he bought a large area of land and a gold-digger machine. He begun digging straightaway, and very quickly found a huge ton of gold and used his trucks to take those with him. He thought: "At this rate, I can be really rich!!", and kept the machine running. So he continued digging further hoping to find an even bigger area of gold. For the rest of the day, there wasn't any more gold that was found.

Unfortunately, that was the same for days. Days passed of monitoring the gold-digger's progress and nothing came out of it. It seemed hopeless. The man ended up selling the digger machine along with the land to a recycling man.

This recycling man decided to call up an engineer to examine the area. Turns out that area was on a fault, and the least amount of digging the machine will have to go... was three feet. Turns out it was a large gold vein, which spanned a really long distance.

The mistake which the man made wasn't exactly just giving up. He gave up over what was a temporary defeat, if he realised his desire for gold, he could have gone a little further and have dug up that fortune.

Well, that's roughly what Napolean Hill said -- it was much better worded, probably. But hopefully you got the idea :) Time to sleep~ after writing the jiary T_T
- teriyakkii_1203

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