"Set a goal to achieve."

Something to work towards gives you a direction to go to. Big goals are great~ they give a big sense of where you should go--.

I didn't have a half-clear goal for a while. If you don't still, I suggest moving ahead anyway, such as taking an online course, or doing some study on some sort of skill that you may be interested in, because you won't see interest in something until you try it... if you don't know any skill you might be interested in, just learn general things, ie cooking, touch typing, etc. anything that can help your future.

I spent the whole afternoon working on the graphics design course, I finished !! It's late, I'll focus on sleeping earlier... again.
- teriyakkii_1203

P.S. got the sniffles during school... looks like when I play music, it stops, until I realise it stopped. Just don't think about it......... T_T

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