Work hard for you and for others, good things rarely come overnight.

Ahhhh BTS came out with Teaser 2 for FAKE LOVE!! AH 7:00 PM tomorrow (is when it's coming outtt) !! No one can wait T_T I died, again.

Last NAPLAN test - numeracy. It was terrible, lots of people didn't work fast enough... You'd want to work right, right?? But as soon as I saw that the amount of questions I had left was less than the amount of minutes I had left-- I panicked. You could just hear the sigh going through everybody when the time in the corner flashed saying there was 10 minutes left.

That group debate thing.. What I told myself, for myself, was to know the facts. Say what is necessary. Do my best, because that's all they ask for. Do well for the group!
- teriyakkii_1203

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