"Change starts with you."

So be you, you!! YEs I feel good ~ I don't know what exactly made me so, but I'm glad to be back, hehe. 

I'm in band, this is my 5th year playing clarinet, and it seems like I cannot identify different intervals very well... ahaaha I'm glad I'm not the only one, but I've taken this quiz for our band class and I've only improved by one... I'll get better I suppose - it all probably threw me off when the notes were descending instead of ascending.

We did spontaneous debates in HaSS, it was quite exciting X) ah but I need to improve getting and saying the right things at the right time. It was first stuff like "Santa should be arrested.", stuff like that T_T I should refrain from saying that he cannot be caught... because you can't catch... a Santa... yeah, there has to be another way without ruining it for the person I'm debating with. 


Okay it's been about an hour since I typed on this, I was doing debate homework. Two weeks, turns out half of my team forgot to show up at lunch-- we only have 3 more in-class lessons until the debates, so we need every lunchtime we have. I suppose they simply forgot, I don't think much of it, besides, it was rainy, so everyone was inside, and my Wi-Fi was just not working probably because of it.

When I'm happy, I feel every moment, in the end I could say it feels fast, but really, I'm just sucking out every bit of it. I intend to be similarly this way, I like it~
- teriyakkii_1203

P.S. (Up there) It might've sounded too fake, or it might've sounded like I was too happy, but it's really not like that... it's only that I had so much to type down ?

Also, it's 8:14 PM, I plan to sleep earlier to make up for the past days :) Sleep is important, it affects just about everything for the next day - Have a goodnight~

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