"We wait for things to calm down, we wait for it to be the right moment, but this is the right moment." - Seth Godin (through the interview with Marie Forleo - it's a really great interview ^^)

We all know we learn everyday, but the majority only relate that to the small things (ie: oh I got a tiny bit of exercise today, threw out the trash, etc.). I've read a couple books on and by people who have become successful, and what they do is apply what they've learnt, from their mistakes or from trustworthy sources, like other successful people (it's more reliable, right?).

A different thing (don't relate this to the previous paragraph, only relate it to Seth Godin's quote, I don't want to be heard wrong) is acting. What I've found hard is, to act on something that involves regretting. For example (this isn't me, just an example), procrastinating on schoolwork, I know some people who do this and get stressed out a lot. I begin to question their procrastination/productivity when I hear about them needing something school-related done by the next day. But I believe it's quite clear when I say that you need to approach school-procrastination and acting on something more 'human', if you know what I mean.

Seth Godin follows the quote at the top with "That we... we look back a year in our life, 5 years ago, and we rarely say I'm disappointed that I spoke up, I'm disappointed that I did my art, I'm disappointed that I connected with somebody, we don't."

Even when I feel so inspired from words like this and from other people, it really comes down to how you feel about doing things, and knowing what you're going to do --even if you mess up, only if you try in the first place. What is there to be scared of?? Is it going to harm somebody, or bring consequences to people, who's going to be affected..? There are lots of questions, and I'm pretty sure you can come up with way more than me..

I'm quite tired, I have two tests tomorrow based on our whole past term, wish me luck!!!!
- teriyakkii_1203

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