"You're either in it to the end or not at all."

I think the first time I heard it that way was from Seth Godin in a Marie Forleo interview. I'm not sure if I've written it before or not, but it was a good thought today...

I've started an online course on Coursera on graphic design! I've been wondering what I can do when I grow up, and I draw everyday. I even told myself I didn't want to make something out of it, but the main reason why should begin doing something which, let's say, make money, you have to enjoy it, unless there's a good reason you cannot.

I've started on a bit, gotten out my art book from year 7 (we did very little in it...) and a small book from my dad and wrote some notes. There's already an assignment due at the end of this week~ I intend to do my best, this is the kind of education I like-- there's specific things that teach it in an easy and specific way! I'm quite very satisfied.

It will add onto other things I already do - ie. my food diary, Questions Diary (an app), my jiary, this blog, and other stuff which includes school stuff but I don't want to over-speak about it.

It'll all be in the matter of fitting the course into the spaces in between what I already intend to do.
- teriyakkii_1203

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