"Life is about you, and what you want to do and experience, and how you go about that. Just remember there's an unbelievably large number of other lives out there like you who have the right to do the same."

I made a wallpaper with Canva sometime two years ago :D I feel quite proud of it.

Today, I've had a sudden boost of motivation. A motivation to do just do things... no real reason. So I've been just doing a whole bunch of things with my cousins since a lot came over today - like karaoke, ping pong rallies, and Netflix.

I couldn't pinpoint a reason that led back to me, but it felt good to do so much ^^ then I questioned if I could do a little more, maybe volunteering.. ? I need to think a bit more.

Looked over some Ikigai things, the best image out there to explain it would be the thing that comes up first when you search "Ikigai":

The parts which label the smallest parts are so interesting (not that the rest isn't as interesting). If you don't have one thing, or too much of one thing, you don't have enough of the other, which can throw you off balance. Me, someone who liked balance --everytime I would use my right hand (my dominate hand), I just needed to let my left hand do something later, because it would feel right. Balance to me is something half-important I can remember and ask myself: "What do I need to consider??", not that I'm a Libra, which I did believe at first ^^;;.

Also looked at older photos of myself, I always enjoy that X) Goodnight
- teriyakkii_1203

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