"Let things be."

Or don't overthink, it's the same thing.

I know it's good to think a lot, but there's necessary things and unnecessary things (to me) I believe. That's how I take "Think smart, not hard." :) I thought too hard doing some homework today... I don't intend to in the future

Maybe it's not on my mind on most days, but I was talking on Hangouts with a friend yesterday ~ things about dreams-- went on for half an hour, or more, maybe. Ahh I know astrology and things about dreams aren't 100% reliable, but they're so interesting!! I know astrology isn't accurate, and even though I got into it from science teachers saying it's not as factual as astronomy, it points out different things every day..

The weather in Australia's getting colder... there were really cold days in Summer too !! It's going to be so hard to get out of the shower now X).
- teriyakkii_1203

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