"Know what you're doing, first of all."

I mean, if you haven't got a semi-clear image of what you want, how is it that anyone can get an demi-semi-clear thought of you achieving it?

I want to know what I'm doing... I want an Ikigai (It's your purpose in life - according to 4 aspects of the Japanese). I've read part of books that tell you how you should build the basis of your mind for things like being successful, and to follow on better, I believe I'll need to set a goal I want. Right now.. it's "I want to be a happy person.", ever since Primary School :I I'd very much prefer that to be more specific...

I'm considering things, but it's not very prioritised, but I think of it more often than not. I'll just make sure I'm ready for anything.

Regrets: I need to sleep earlier, get more important things done first. Have a good day -/night :)
- teriyakkii_1203

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