"Be true to yourself."

"If you are sad, cry
If you are happy, smile
If you have a problem, ask
If you are scared, close your eyes
If you are hurt, scream
If you want to give up, look back and see how far you'e come."

I found the saying (I changed I few words because of grammar) while looking through some BTS quotes, hehe X).

Speaking of quotes, I should put some overall context on the sayings I put up at the top and around the text... I very thoroughly remember that I put up quotes that... well. I put up quotes that made my friend ask me "Are you depressed??", yep.

I had quotes on my phone's wallpaper and downloaded on my devices. Things like "Change you're life now." or "Behind my smile is everything you wouldn't understand.", it was years ago, and now, they do sound like I was lost in myself :o.

I remember looking for them quite a lot in the mornings then. Maybe they made me feel good, but I feel like I was missing something :/. I was going to say that maybe I thinking wrong, but I can't say for sure... buuut I'm here now and I feel good about where I and everyone is, so if I'm going to worry about that, I know that I can at least be thankful because past me had now become present me :D

Also, to refer to that top quote... "Be true to yourself", I guess is what the top part's saying. The bottom part says to never look back, unless you are looking at how far you've come. Well, I'm sure if I have written this in my jiary... wait I have... but I've always told myself to "Trust my subconsciousness." and "Trust my intuition." - it just seemed right.

But of course, just like Consent (which we recently learned in school..), I told myself to only trust those if I know that I trust my judgement, like not trusting myself completely if I'm mad, or such.
- teriyakkii_1203

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