"The only wrong way to do a day is to believe that there's a right way to do a day. It's to waste your time worrying if you're doing it right. That's the only wrong way." - Mike Posner

I had to choose between 3 sayings, including this one. It seemed better to have them separate, so it was hard only choosing one, but I should put those other two down on another day.

That saying was on Tom Bilyeu's Instagram story, a lot goes on there :). This quote is saying the basics -- the things which you'll need before focusing on anything else, this is only one of them. If you're thinking of whether you're doing something right or not, how can you focus on what you're doing, or even how you're doing it?

I think skipping that part and straight to doing things is the right way. When you think about what and how you're doing things instead of thinking about if what and how you're doing things is right or not, things can be so much easier.

That might be confusing, and I suppose for most people it doesn't really apply to them.. so you don't need to think much of it ^^ all in all, just so at least something is gotten out of this post, just have a good day :D
- teriyakkii_1203

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