"Need to do something about it - something about me."

(Insert '*' Here) -It just seemed better in that part of the text :)

I read over some of the past blogs, and they seem to be very different to who I seem to be... actually, it's just one huge part of me. It might be because I have more to say, because you don't get only one saying a day, and sometimes I don't come up with a clear, straightforward line by the end of the day, and I guess that's okay, as long as I (and you) have the idea.

... And I quote from my jiary, because it might come across to you a bit more in what I would say: 

*"Like I told myself in the shower - "I won't be able to fit all my thoughts today on this page - I believe I'm trying to find something - whether it be a stable mind, or a motivation (I know it's something to do with my mind), I know I reallyyy want AND need it!
Of course, I'll need to do something about it - something about me - I can't completely get a full 100% written answer from someone else TT - so I'll need to do at least some of the 'driving'."
- Me, 31st of January (Wednesday)

At that time, I was looking very hard for motivation to find something that I'll love, I was motivation to find a motivation, ahahaha ^^. Maybe because it was when I looked further into the Japanese Ikigai, which is one's purpose in life, according to 4 things - it's something you love, something you can make money out of, something that can help others, and something you have talent in. If you're interested, I recommend 'Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life', it's a relatively small book, it's simple and has a lot of things to say.

Anyway- I was looking for motivation, and now, not more than half a year later, I'm getting up to do things, it just happens because it became a habit. When I mean motivation, I had some already, but I mean looking for something to move up a little more.

Just keep on going and you'll see results, I suppose! In some ways it can be thought as a test-- to test your persistence in getting something..When I put it that way~~ it's like a challenge, (and as long as it's something worth getting (don't work hard for something that's not worth it...), and that's really cool~~ time to write in my jiary now.
- teriyakkii_1203

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