"Have fun with the people you love!!"

It's already Monday OAO! Time goes by fast, so I need to be just as productive... while letting myself do less productive stuff =w= they're unproductive because I don't get anywhere with them... I've done a lot of them anyway.

Productivity is something that teachers bring up a lot, and the more productive you are means that you're doing more in the same amount of time you did when you were less productive :)

It makes you feel good. On another note, recently I asked my friend what makes her feel productive... she said "completing homework". There is so much more you can do that can improve other aspects of yourself other than academic. School shouldn't determine whether you are smart or not, yet it's gotten to a lot of people nowadays, that the students with A's are the smart ones, and the ones with E's are not.

That also connects to how everyone has their own good points and bad points. It's cool, how there's so much different talent!!
- teriyakkii_1203

P.S. This post wasn't able to be published on the 16th, whoops ^^; Wi-Fi didn't save it, ahaha..

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