"Variety is the spice of life." !!

Plenty of personalities I've seen, things I've thought about, sometimes some extra(hehe), while doing everything in between - every moment makes everything a whole lot more interesting-- even things which realistic thinking brings you to think that they are boring. In my opinion, the more optimistic, the more you can get out of a moment, an experience, etc. - I hope you agree too ^^ I'm simply in another great mood..

Today our family went for a walk around the lake... I made some brownies and did leisureish stuff like watching Netflix :))

Then, have a goodnight !
- teriyakkii_1203

Note to you:
In my journal/diary, I write "Today's Resolutions" and "Regrets". At the end of the journal/diary I wrote a note to myself last year saying that another 'Today's Resolutions' is to live another day (not in the survive sense, more in the enjoy sense), but it won't always be written down because "it's a given". Thinking ahead, (=w=).

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