Extra Saying for Yesterday: "Don't underestimate people and situations." ---just knowing different possibilities kinda helps your decision...


"There's scientific logic and reason, then there's emotional logic and reason."

"Don't overthink too hard.." (--added this one after writing the rest)

I think -no -I know that I was overthinking whether or not I should've gone to our school Athletics Carnival (or event.. however you calls it). I was weighing the goods and the bads way too much ^^;;; (I can do things I want to do @ home... but I want to participate too...T_T). I ended up going, it's once a year...

It was all based on what I wanted to do, even if there were pretty good reasons why I should do both... I had fun, anyway --participated in 3 'field events' with my friends and it was good!
- teriyakkii_1203

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