"You're not getting any younger."

It's stuck at the back page of my diary. Stuck along with "Young Forever~~" which is a song by BTS (Bangtan Sonyeondan!!!! Beyond the Scenes!!!! Call them whatever!!!! XD) - my mind felt light at that time, with many other times.

It used to be (it's not completely gone, but much less now) that I wanted things to motivate me. For instance, getting out of bed before I 'feel' like it - once you do it it feels so good ^o^. When your mind is paying attention to one thing, you tend to notice things around you which relates to it, which is when I wrote "You're not getting any younger." to myself.

Now, I'm thinking more about the goal, and good quality, and the long term, and knowing that maintaining everything I've learnt to get up to now is something I shouldn't disregard. From that I mean the basics, like how addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are only the beginning of maths - it's a given.

This wasn't the things I thought most about today, but it was something which I feel was kind of important :)) I will probably use the things I thought most about today in tomorrow's blogpost in the case where I can't think of one.
Goodnight !
- teriyakkii_1203

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