"Don't worry, be happy."

Just imagine something or someone adorable saying that and it will heal your mind to focus again. From watching Full House, I remember Michelle Tanner saying it in one episode~ so cuttteee.

I did those two tests - science and HaSS (history) today. They were both based on everything we've learnt this term, so there was a lot to have in mind. I don't study usually, because I learn the topics thoroughly as we learn them, but for the history test, our teacher knows how to test :)! He teaches you what everyone else teaches, but the test is more open on that, how you interpret things and relate them to others (how something affected today, to name one).

When doing a test, I'm not sure if anyone else does the same, but I tend to need to 'get the hang of' the test. Which is good, because the tests at my school start with the most simplistic questions and transition to harder ones. I can tell I got the hang of the tests quickly, and very hard... at the end of the science test, my neck was aching since I was looking down at the paper for so long. And at the end of the history test-- I found myself short of breath, I did try to squeeze thoughts onto the screen (it was a digital test) as quickly but as carefully thought as possible, turned out finishing all the questions gave me enough time to improve one more question... but did I just run a marathon?? >w<

- teriyakkii_1203

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