"There are so many quotes in the world, every one said for a specific situation. And even so, two people can take the same quote so differently, I like it!" - Me (from some time earlier this year or late last year).

 ! ~ Thinkering start

Hi Blogger(s)! I am teriyakkii_1203, or just Teriyaki, which is my nickname.

I was born in the United States, and moved from there to Australia, where I am currently in now. I am in high school, so in a way you could say 'I'm finding myself'. I would say that, but after all the things I've experienced, that's probably the most brief summary I can think of other than 'I'm living'. I am extremely, very thankful and love everything that has gotten me to where I am, even of the things which I may not like as much. I believe that there's always something, I tend to pick out beneficial things out of a situation, because I want to become satisfied in the end. I will try hard not to involve myself with something which involves more consequences for all who are affected than necessary (because I know there's always at least one person who I cannot satisfy - you cannot satisfy everyone).

I decided to start an account on Blogger yesterday, and it took me so long to find a right name, haha :D. The reason why I have chosen to start is because I like to speak my mind. I have a journal/diary which I have been able to write in everyday (unless I have stayed up waay too late or something, but that's only happened four times since I started) since the 31st of July 2017, last year. I find so many benefits from writing whatever flows out, it's something that makes me quite happy, too!

I intend to write a blog entry with a quote from my day, some small stuff which happened in my day, and probably how I got to the quote of my day. I won't make it too long unless it's something I really want to say :). I hope to blog for something to learn, everyday - as long as someone learns something. There's probably much more I hope for, but that will make this post very long. For me, I think writing a blog will be a nice supplement to the journal/diary, it might help me improve in many ways, who knows! I like to see people, lots of things improve, I expect that this will, as long as I look at it right. 

So, it's late now, so I'll stop.

Have a good day! If not, have a better day tomorrow :)),

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