"Even when you're confused, just choose happiness when it counts and it will bring you right back on track... just wait."

It's already getting to the middle of Autumn.. WOW! Time is never going to rest, it was like it was Summer just yesterday??!

Here's another note: When it comes to subjects which are affected by morals (things which you believe are right or wrong, everyone's morals are different), I tend to use words and phrases like: 'when it counts' and 'quite' - words that aren't definite. This is because I know everyone knows, or eventually will know what you want and how you want it done. Trusting your own judgement is so important, it's another part of you, just tell yourself "I trust my judgement" and let the inner you eventually hear that..

I read part of a book, I should probably read the rest. It's called "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill. The book, through nicely-put-together-words, builds the basis of a good mind to grow rich (in many ways). Things like faith, etc., and the power of desire are talked about. I believe it brings things which slips through the minds of a lot of people nowadays.

With media, technology, and those things developing, people are seeing the amazing things we have today, especially younger people. Because of this, you'll rarely see the technology that we used to have, the technology which was the beginning of the more developed technology we see today. Just remember the tiny things from time to time, is all I'm saying. Sometimes, it's nice to lie in bed and think of things that made you you :D. If this isn't you, just do what you do and think how you think.

---I'm tired, I made a doubled batch of choc-chip cookies today. Lots of time for myself, too.
- teriyakkii_1203

P.S... the saying I put up at the top was last minute.. I think I'm trying too hard to come up with a saying.

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