"Open up your mind~~"

Okay, usually when writing in my diary I begin to write things straightaway... but I know that there are times when your mind drifts somewhere else.

Looking in my diary, after trusting a friend to a 'secret' (More like something I've just preferred to keep to myself... I don't like to give away a lot of those), I wrote:
"Another way to unlock the secret to life is to go against the rules and break the lock."

I interpret this now as: open yourself to more possibilities, so you have more options. We are so taken by rules and ethics, it stops us from thinking any more than what 'society' wants you to think. I'm not saying break the law, or doing something that will upset at least one person - Do not engage in activity which does not benefit (both indirectly and directly) all whom  it affects, and anything along those lines.

Just to keep people content, as you want to focus on other things. Letting new lessons in, no matter how small is still improving - this is probably what they mean by "something is better than nothing.", right?

Shorter post today :),
- teriyakkii_1203

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