"Be you, know who you are, know and respect that others will do pretty much the same. Otherwise, just know what you are doing, and make sure that makes you or will make you satisfied in the end."

Well, I suppose it's not impossible, but it is very rare that people will want someone seeing who's 'not you'. Live from what you want, if you want to change, that's you, you're the one who wants to change. This is sort of confusing for me, but if you know that you're acting a way that makes you feel isolated, or accepting of a 'you' that you really don't like - then I suppose they'll be you, too - someone who is someone else they're not. This thing, along with millions of others, are things - ways of looking at yourself or a way to think or act, are ways we should take up, in order to focus on other things - things which won't make you realise: "Oh, I wasn't productive enough".

I'll say it now that I kind of don't like hearing repeatedly the same things over and over again, my mind will just switch off for a split second. But I know to keep listening straight afterwards. Ff you're getting sick of something, it's either you haven't experienced something enough, or you haven't seen the best of the potential experience enough. Do you agree?

Things I might be referring to are "Do your best", or "Be Yourself". But recently, maybe a month or two ago (for many posts I would have remembered something that I found very helpful to listen about in my head, and I will write down a lot here. Note to you: There is a fair chance that I will repeat quotes, or do really similar ones. This is because I learn lots of things, and it is that sometimes I need to be told something more than once to get it into my mind - I'm sure we all do :).) I told my dad that "All I want to hear with those repetitive quotes is some context behind them". I still find it better if something was said before "Do your best", like how philosophical novels focus on one small thing, but expand on it so, so well - I highly recommend "The Tao of Pooh", my mind after reading the book felt light, fluffy, and it made me feel so fulfilled in the inside. I won't go too far into it, but the book was so well presented, and the lesson in it was priceless, it helps very much.

Anyway, even though many people do say the one quote by itself, and although I do believe that they should have added something (in primary school at least), you can make a context from it yourself. It's taking something, and making it better. I know I like to have at least two or three reasons to do something before I actually do it, and that is very similar to this. In a simple sense, it's you telling your mind why you should take notice of a certain something. For example, "Do your best", why should we do our best? To get the most out of this example, I highly ask that you make a few reasons in your mind, even if they're not that clear. As long as you think and believe that doing your best is right, and that if something asked you "why is doing your best good?" tomorrow and you can answer them straightaway, that's good!

So, doing your best - why? For me: doing your best is showing that you put effort into the things you do. Note: doing your best does NOT apply to school. Two, doing as much as you can and seeing it as you living with an active mind makes you, me satisfied! I really really really am trying to avoid regretting things as much as I can, there had been so many surveys and social experiments where people show what they regret, and the biggest thing that comes up is NOT doing something. Letting opportunities pass, in the long term, can lead to the regret getting bigger, and I can feel it now - regretting big time is not something you want to go through. That's all I have to say about (^)this(^)

Whoa, this post looks long, the way to write a lot, is to write like you're speaking you're mind. There seems to be a reasonable amount of text, just imagine me trying to fit this into my journal, I do have a lot to write about when it comes to saying what I want to say. My journal is a '365' one from kikki.k, that store sells a lot of cool stuff :), I started on page 210 and am currently on... 87 as of today! I have seen my handwriting changes, my mind in the past, writing a journal was such a good idea - I see how my used to write  3 sentences, a 'Today's Resolutions", and "Regrets". Now, I write huge paragraphs, full of sentences, I write about my dreams too~ and I have a saying which was significant during my day. If you want to see yourself and your changes, and you like to write your mind, write a journal/diary! If you will/do, think ahead, what do you expect out of it, why are you doing it, and what you will do in the diary to achieve it.

I have written a reasonable amount... no regrets, haha, goodnight X)
- teriyakkii_1203

P.S. I'm listening to BTS... I became an A.R.M.Y. during their 'You Never Walk Alone' era - there's so much awesome stuff out of them?!?!

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